Cheap Makeup I Love

My flirtation with makeup continues. I’m now pretty much up to what you’d allow your 13-year-old to wear to middle school.

Like I said before, I am a pretty simple girl when it comes to my appearance. For everyday wear, I like to keep my lips simple and glossy and play around a little bit with my eyes. I really love the eyeshadow pictured. It’s Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Wild Orchids. That dark plum shade at the very end has these gold undertones that I think are so pretty. Honestly, I haven’t even tried the other colors, although i’m hesitant about the lighter shades cause I think they might come off as too ashy on my skin.

Also, since I don’t have too many skin issues that I have to worry about, I’ve been using a little bit of NYC’s Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder to help warm up my skin tone just a little bit.

I’ve been playing around with liquid liner, too. You may note that there are no pictures of that. That’s for a reason. Ahem.

I’ve been sticking to drugstore brands because they’re easiest for me to get without triggering my (probably legitimate) fear of taking my children into a classy joint like Sephora. At some point, though, I’m going to ditch them and plan on girling out. Make Up Forever – you will be mine!

Makeup! Squee! Girly Stuff!

I’ve been playing around with makeup lately. Even before I had kids, I was never a big makeup girl. But, lately, I’ve been making more of an effort to, uh, look like I’m making an effort. I got all crazy on a trip to Target and got myself some lip stain, eyeliner, bronzer and even some eyeshadows (oooh! fancy!).

My rules for makeup purchases are pretty colors and the best possible quality for very little money. I like simple little pops of pretty color. Today was grey and rainy, so I put some color on my lips via my Maybelline ColorSensational lipstain in Cranberry Crush with Yes to Carrots C Me Shine lipgloss in Red Hot (Yes to Carrots’ lip gloss is awesome, by the way). I also wore a teeny bit of gold shadow on my eyes and a little mascara.

I’m not even gonna try to go all makeup blogger on you. There are plenty of people out there doing that way better than I could. But I’d love to hear your ideas about simple ways to play with makeup so that I don’t feel sad and raggedy.