Tomorrow we register my son for kindergarten for next school year. I’m not gonna lie; I’m kind of terrified. This is the first step in Cam going out into the world without me. It also means I’m out of baby stage and into something else entirely.

You know how everyone tells you that kids grow up fast? It’s because kids grow up fast! Cameron was just a tiny baby five minutes ago! I feel like 5 more minutes will pass and he’ll be 30.

2 Comments on “Kindergarten!”

  1. lindaghill says:

    Letting go has to be the hardest thing for a mom to do and the scariest as well. But the first time he comes home and tells you he’s made a friend you are going to be so happy for him and proud of him! *hugs*

  2. In Real Life says:

    I’m so scared for this day to come!

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