Our Summer Vacation

“What’s up with these b.s. vegetables!?” — all the children in this class.

Welp. I blinked and now summer is over. I hope yours was good. Mine was…informative. Because of a few changes we had in our household, we pulled the kids out of daycare and I stayed home with them. I decided to make this summer be about *really* focusing in on getting some bad habits out of the way.

I also decided we were going to get out of the house and experience things more. I am actually pretty proud of the fact that I accomplished both of my goals (insert round of applause here). I want to write (more) about the discipline/bad habits thing in another post but for now I’ll just talk about activities.

One of the things we did was go to the weekly cooking class held at the Whole Food’s near my parent’s house in Annapolis. The class was specifically for preschool aged kids. It included a tour of the store where the kids got free snacks and crayons and such from each department and it wrapped up with free pizza. And it was only $5!

We also went to the mall, the playground and the pool. For the times where we got tired of being hounded by the paparazzi, I got a $10 inflatable pool from Target and we would play there. I also managed to pick up some freelance writing work that I got done without pulling out my hair too much.

I find that the only way that I get any activities done is if I plan them at least the day before and, on the day of, wake up with resolve to do it. There is no room for wishy-washy when you have to get two preschoolers up, fed, dressed and out the door. Also, I work better if my activities are early enough so that we’re home for lunch and then nap. It’s all about forward momentum. So, when I know that I have some activity planned, I wake up with determination in my eyes. There is no laying in bed, reading Twitter or even too much tv watching. We’re on a schedule, people! Oh, but because I also have a bit of a tendency to get a little too locked in on one idea, I had to balance this with a slight bit of if-it-doesn’t-happen-that’s-fine-too.

Now, we’re in a new season and of course my nice comfortable routine is thrown into a bit of a mess. We’re in a new house in a new town, and I need to find some new activities to get into. So far, I’ve set up a rough schedule of a twice-a-week playgroup, plus reading times at two local libraries. The biggest source of my worries is looking for more freelance work and, uh, also finding the time to complete it.

I know that all of this will come together fine, but who would I be if I didn’t have anything to worry about? I’m just not sure. Hope your fall is going well.

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