Organization, I Will Make You My B*tch

A preamble – I have not historically been the most organized person on the planet. Actually, I am not even usually the most organized person in my car. One of the reasons I even have this blog is that it’s a way for me to fumble my way through this parenting/adulthood thing learning as I go, with the end result being not only have I not dropped my children or left them in a bar – but that I’ve turned out a pretty good family.

And now I will write about a rudimentary part of organization that I am just now using in my 31st year of life: list making. This summer, like last, I have the kids all day every day.

Last summer didn’t go so well. It actually went very poorly. For me, it felt chaotic and anxiety producing. I’d careen from random thing to random thing, always feeling like I was late for something else. It was too late to be taking them to the park because it was almost lunch time. I should have already thought about what we were having for lunch instead of waiting until 11:59 am. I should probably get some education into them so that they will grow up to be co-presidents of the United States. Except then I would just let them watch another two hours of Sesame Street and the Wiggles while I talked myself out of a guilt-hole. It wasn’t pretty.

Oh, last-year-Lisa. I want to go back and hug myself. Then pat myself on my poor, dumb head. Lists! Lists make life better! Lists mean I know what options I have for fun activities to get out of the house (and away from Sprout), what other adult responsibilities I need to handle, and I can even get some writing done in the process (see: this post). Instead of walking around fretting about the seemingly million things that need to get done, I write it down and have a good handle on what actually needs to get done and when.

4 Comments on “Organization, I Will Make You My B*tch”

  1. Mary says:

    I LOVE my lists. Believe it or not, working with engineers is somewhat similar to having children, except I never have to see them naked. However, I could not get through a single day of engineer wrangling without my handy-dandy legal pad full of lists at my side. The best thing about lists is that when someone asks me to do something, I write it down, and they can immediately tell where they are on my list. It keeps them in check pretty well. 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Ha! I’m assuming you never wipe their butts, either. Actually, you have given me a better idea. I’ve been using the notes feature on my phone, which is fine but I think a physical pad of paper would help me so much more 🙂

  2. Lists are one of my favorite things in life! That doesn’t make me sound too cool, but it’s true. I’m glad you’ve discovered the joy of them. This: “I am not even usually the most organized person in my car,” made me lol. =) Good luck with that whole co-presidents thing.

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