Bedtime: An Addendum

Baby jail. Oh, how I miss you.

So. Apparently kids are people. You can, like, communicate with them and stuff.


So, like I said before, bedtime has been a struggle for me with Cameron and Grace for a while now. But this week, I had an idea! I would tell them what I wanted them to do, instead of assuming they knew and then getting mad when they didn’t. So, after baths, we have been having about a half-hour of wind down time where we watch some tv or read a book. Then, at 8:30, I turn to them.

“Cameron and Grace,” I say. “Do you know what time it is?”

Then, one of them usually says “bedtime.” Or, “butts.” Whatever.

“And what do I expect from you?”

Then we go over what I expect: for them to lie down BY THEMSELVES, to be quiet and to go to sleep. Bedtime has been so much better since I started this! Cameron is naturally more likely to go to sleep, so this is his cue to settle down in his bed. Grace has a little more energy (plus, she’s younger) so it takes a little more time to settle her down. When she tries to ask for juice and toys and whatever else, I calmly repeat that it’s bed time and time to go to sleep.

Honestly, I think it’s more because laying it out there like that helps me not feel crazy and angry and frustrated. So then they follow suit.

I don’t want to jinx it or anything, but if this actually ends up working? Wooooooooo!

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