Cheap Makeup I Love

My flirtation with makeup continues. I’m now pretty much up to what you’d allow your 13-year-old to wear to middle school.

Like I said before, I am a pretty simple girl when it comes to my appearance. For everyday wear, I like to keep my lips simple and glossy and play around a little bit with my eyes. I really love the eyeshadow pictured. It’s Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Wild Orchids. That dark plum shade at the very end has these gold undertones that I think are so pretty. Honestly, I haven’t even tried the other colors, although i’m hesitant about the lighter shades cause I think they might come off as too ashy on my skin.

Also, since I don’t have too many skin issues that I have to worry about, I’ve been using a little bit of NYC’s Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder to help warm up my skin tone just a little bit.

I’ve been playing around with liquid liner, too. You may note that there are no pictures of that. That’s for a reason. Ahem.

I’ve been sticking to drugstore brands because they’re easiest for me to get without triggering my (probably legitimate) fear of taking my children into a classy joint like Sephora. At some point, though, I’m going to ditch them and plan on girling out. Make Up Forever – you will be mine!

One Comment on “Cheap Makeup I Love”

  1. selesson23 says:

    In this economy cheap makeup is the way to go.

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