The One About Natural Hair – Part 1

Once I had my son back in 2008, I knew I had no inclination to be sitting in anybody’s hair shop any more. I’d actually been toying with the idea of going natural – i.e. giving up the relaxer – since high school, but didn’t know how to go about it. Relaxing your hair is kind of a vicious cycle. Once you start, it’s hard to stop – especially if you don’t know any better.

After an unfortunate incident involving leaky boobs and a five hour hair salon visit, I went online started doing some research.


I had no idea there was such a wealth of information in the computer! First I discovered Afrobella, then Curly Nikki, then, I think, various YouTube people. If you have kinky/curly hair and are not on the internet, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.

I read and read and scoured message boards and watched videos. My husband thought I was crazy. I learned all about high-end products and fancy hair equipment, but I knew that none of that stuff was an option for me. I wanted my transition from straight to curly to be simple and as inexpensive as possible.

First, I figured out that I was not using heat. I am no hair expert and didn’t want to end up burning all my hair off. Also, I knew that was only delaying what I needed to do, which was learning all about this foreign matter growing out of my head.

I came up with a plan. I’d attempt my own variation of Curly Nikki’s twist n curl and that would be my go-to style. At night, I would wash (or co-wash*) then flat twist my damp hair and put rollers on the ends. I’d wake up with dry, curly/wavy hair. In the event that my hair looked a hot mess, I’d pull my hair back into a bun or pony tail. I knew that I’d do this for about a year and then I’d cut off all the straight parts and have a head full of natural hair.

And I did. It’s been interesting. It’s been mostly successful. It’s been…a process.

Later this week, I’ll have another post outlining products that I love and that are pretty inexpensive. Then I’ll talk about ways to save time while caring for your hair. Because that’s what is the most important thing — natural hair is fragile and needs LOTS of TLC.

For now, I’m leaving you with a list of links with good information about natural hair 🙂

Alice in Nappyland

Natural Selection Blog

Naptural85’s YouTube Channel

Mane and Chic

Long Hair Care Forum

*Co-wash = Conditioner Wash – washing with no shampoo, just conditioner

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